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Ask the Expert: “How can I manage my vasculitis so that it doesn’t become too severe?” 

Vasculitis usually manifests with purplish skin lesions on the legs and sometimes the trunk. It is usually associated with high levels of gammaglobulin in the serum. The skin may become easily irritated and even break down in areas where numerous lesions develop. The skin around the ankles is most susceptible. Skin break-down and ulcerations may form. 

Although severe vasculitis from Sjögren’s may require hydroxychloroquine (Plaquenil), oral corticosteroids and immunosuppressive medications, milder forms can be managed with simple conservative measures. 

Skin breakdown occurs with greater frequency when there is fluid accumulation around the ankles so measures that minimize edema (excess fluid accumulation) in the legs can be helpful. Such measures include elevation of the legs and the use of support hose. When sitting, your legs should be propped up on a chair and not left dangling for too long. Support hose to control edema should be of the above-knee variety. Hose that bunch up below the knee may actually act like a tourniquet and impede blood flow in the legs making edema worse.

Mild trauma to the skin of the legs can also favor skin ulceration so wearing pants may provide an extra layer of protection. Edema can also be controlled with diuretics. Some patients with vasculitis may benefit from low dose aspirin to keep the blood vessels open. 

Of course these conservative measures should also be applied in instances when immunosuppressive therapy is needed. Consult with your doctor if diuretic therapy or low dose aspirin is right for you.

by Herbert S. B. Baraf, MD, FACP, MACR

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— Oct 19, 2020

I had a positive lip biopsy, positive symptoms but negative blood tests 12 years ago. Never got diagnosis but am plagued with severe neuropathy now. Just had a positive ANA but negative Ssa and SSb. I know I have this but no diagnosis is frustrating.

Hi Judi,

I have bad neuropathy too .. and I was diagnosed with lupus in 2010 as I had a positive Sm/Rnp ..

I have a condition called monoclonal gamapathy (IgM) type that my mother also had but her turned into the form of lymphoma. She too had bad neuropathy that was haunting her long before her diagnosis. At that time they didn’t know that IgM type of MGUS is notorious for causing neuropathy.
However, my rheumatologist is running Sjogrens labs again because of my mouth, eyes, and other symptoms including the neuropathy and he said there is a new test with a higher level of sensitivity ..
I hope you find answers. These autoimmune diseases are hard to nail down (I also have bronchitis, and sinus problems) because as he said a while ago often the antibodies hide with rheumatic conditions ..
I’m really surprised that you weren’t diagnosed with your biopsy being positive.
(I also have vasculitis and as many people have said, incl drs “these autoimmune diseases like to run in packs .. yay huh?)
Good luck!!

— Oct 26, 2020

I had it all my life but would like to know what kind of moisture for my face and makeup to use my eye lids get very very dry and skin

— Oct 31, 2020

I had a drug reaction and am in my 3rd month of intensely itchy rash that has erupted in small blood bubbles [where I have itched and not] and truly scary wide veins in my right hand and wrist that appeared to be black blood under the skin. I am quarantined to avoid covid and followed my much loved Sjogren specialist's many directions and my symptoms have abated about 70-80% but I fear this is may be a more serious case of vasculitis and it's here to stay. I have been far less active since covid and this has taken my sjogrens, already difficult, to a sicker level. I want it gone!!

— Nov 20, 2020

I recently diagnosed with sjogrens under foot is paining when i walk.does this symptom is common in sjogrens?

I have the same problem and would like to know people’s experiences with a variety of types of foot pain. I also have neuropathy which I think is fairly common with Sjögren’s but have other pains as well.
Best wishes to you.

— Feb 24, 2021

I am looking for a Sjogren's specialist in Northern Virginia: Herndon, Reston, Chantilly, Fair Lakes, Fairfax or nearby. Anybody have a recommendation for a really good specialist?

— Mar 26, 2021

I am looking for a really good doctor who understands Sjogrens in SE Arkansas or NW Louisiana. Does anyone know of anybody?

— May 25, 2021

Hi, I was diagnosed in 2009 by my optometrist. I have horrible vasculitus. It’s all over my thighs and bottom. I could never get a diagnosis from many dermatologists. They itch and then are very painful that I cry a lot. I ask God why me? Does anyone know the proper treatment fir the sores?
I also have list many teeth. All the ones I hit root canals on are gone. I wish Medicare would cover tooth replacements or even part of it. I was a premier when born. I was born 4 months early abd the doctor said I would have teeth problems because during your fifth month your teeth start to develop. Mine are literally crumbling. Sjogrens has taken most of my life away because of the symptoms😢

— Aug 24, 2021

After taking prednisone 20 mg for five days once daily, l very thin stools when using bathroom last this a side effect?

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