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We cannot answer personal medical questions due to liability considerations. Your doctor knows you and your situation best, so please consult him/her with any questions you may have specific to your own individual case.

We welcome your submission of general-interest medical questions. Select questions will be published in a future newsletter issue along with answers from a medical professional. You can submit questions for the newsletter by phone or by emailing We are unable to publish all medical questions we receive.

Many of the products available at the SSF Store and through the Foundation office serve as great resources to answer many of your medical questions, as does the information contained within this website.

In addition, the Foundation has Support Groups and contact volunteers across the country. Call the Foundation office to see if there is a Support Group or contact volunteer in your area.

Questions Regarding Membership
If you have a question regarding your Foundation membership, please call the Foundation office toll free number (800-475-6473) or email your question to

The Foundation thanks you for your interest and support.