The Medical and Scientific Advisors are distinguished Sjögren’s experts from around the world. These healthcare professionals represent a wide spectrum of specialties involved in Sjögren’s diagnosis, treatment and research and work closely with the Foundation to help us meet our mission and goals.

Advisors are responsible for counseling the Sjögren's Syndrome Foundation on medical and scientific issues and working with the SSF to advance professional and patient education and accelerate the development of better diagnostic, management and treatment tools in Sjögren’s. In addition to guiding our Research Program by setting research grant priorities and determining awards, SSF Medical and Scientific Advisors actively participate in the medical and scientific initiatives led by the SSF. 

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The Sjögren’s Syndrome Foundation frequently partners with companies that are considering, are in the process of developing or have already developed products, diagnostics and therapeutics for Sjögren’s. Through SSF Corporate Partnerships, the Foundation can assist companies with a wide range of initiatives, including linking companies with the most relevant key opinion leaders for their needs, medical centers with experienced principal investigators and appropriate Sjögren’s populations, and patients via surveys or focus groups. We also partner on awareness and education initiatives for professionals and the public.  

Medical and Scientific Board Chairperson

Theresa Lawrence Ford, MD

To learn more about the Foundation’s Medical and Scientific Advisors and initiatives and SSF Corporate Partnerships, contact the Foundation.