The Sjögren's Syndrome Foundation is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt national voluntary health agency.

Founded in 1983 the SSF provides patients with practical information and coping strategies that minimize the effects of Sjögren's. In addition, the Foundation is the clearinghouse for medical information and is the recognized national advocate for Sjögren's.

The Foundation's vision is to:

“To create a community where patients, healthcare professionals and researchers come together to conquer the complexities of Sjögren’s.”

The Foundation's mission is to:

  • • Support Sjögren’s patients and their loved ones through education, resources and services
  • • Provide credible resources and education for healthcare professionals
  • • Serve as the voice for all Sjögren’s patients through advocacy and awareness initiatives
  • • Lead, encourage and fund innovative research projects to better understand, diagnose and treat Sjögren’s

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