Research Grant Guidelines

  • • The research must be conducted at an institution in the United States.

  • • Grants are open to both basic scientists and clinical investigators and are open to both junior and senior investigators.

  • • It is the policy of the Foundation not to pay indirect or institutional overhead costs on grants of this nature.

  • • It is understood that these grant funds will be used for such purposes substantially in accordance with the grant proposal. Any grant funds, and income earned thereon, not expended or committed for the purposes of this grant within the period stated in the agreement, will be returned to the Foundation.

  • • Scientific progress and financial reports on the use of grant funds will be due at specific intervals during and at the end of the grant period. Release of funds is contingent upon review of the information contained in these reports.

  • • An electronic copy of all publications resulting from work supported wholly or in part by SSF funds will be furnished to the Foundation. Such publications should include an appropriate acknowledgement of the support of the Sjögren's Syndrome Foundation, Inc. All publicity and information disseminated about such research must acknowledge SSF support.

  • • Any grants awarded by the Foundation are for one time only. A second year of funding is contingent upon satisfactory progress.

How to Apply for a Research Grant

>>Download the Complete Application<<

 Research Grant Application in a Word Document

The SSF Application Package consists of:

  1. Section 1 — Application Face Page

  2. Section 2 — Abstracts for the Research Proposal:
    Provide a maximum of 150 words for each abstract. The lay-language version is for publicity purposes and uses simple language summarizing the proposed research and its significance. The scientific abstract is written for SSF reviewers and a professional audience.

  3. Section 3 — NIH Biosketch: Do not exceed 4 pages.

  4. Section 4 — Research Proposal:
    • The proposal should present a description of the proposed research that is concise but includes sufficient detail for critical evaluation by experts in the topic area. Proposals for all applications also should explain why the research is innovative.
    • Proposals for the Innovative Concept Grant should explain how the hypothesis to be tested reaches beyond the current paradigms of the topic area.
    • Do not exceed 5 pages of single-spaced typing in 11-point font, not including literature cited, figures and charts. Applications with descriptions longer than these page limits will not be reviewed.

  5. Section 5 — Publications: Provide copies of a maximum number of 5 publications relevant to the research project.

  6. Section 6 — Budget: Supply your proposed budget for a 2-year period. Please provide an itemized budget and narrative justification.

  7. Section 7 — Letters of Recommendation: If an applicant does not yet hold a faculty appointment, a letter of nomination from the applicant’s supervisor and a letter of evaluation from a current or former professor or supervisor must be submitted. Letters should be sent directly to the Foundation with e-mail the preferred means of receipt. E-mail letters to, with the subject line stating [Applicant Name] Letter of Recommendation. Letters also may be mailed to the Foundation if e-mail is not possible (address below).

  8. Section 8 — Statement of Guarantee of Adequate Facilities and Budget for Research Proposal.

  9. Section 9 — Principal Investigator's Signed Statement of Responsibility.

Application Receipt Deadline: February 1, 2017 
Start Date:
July 1

E-mail final application package to
The subject line should read:

[Applicant Name] Research Grant Application.

If e-mail is not possible, application packages may be sent on CD to the Foundation (address below).

For questions or additional information, please contact the Foundation at:

Sjögren's Syndrome Foundation
Attn: Research Grants
6707 Democracy Blvd
Suite 325
Bethesda, MD 20817

Telephone: 1-800-475-6473, extension 209

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