New website launches!

Explore the all-new Sjögren’s Syndrome Foundation website.

Coinciding with Sjögren’s Syndrome Awareness Month, the SSF has launched a completely redesigned and all-new! Packed with all of the latest educational information for both patients and healthcare providers, is your credible Sjögren’s syndrome resource.

The SSF's website was originally launched in 2003 and was a huge step forward for the Foundation. But in the six years since the SSF first gained an online presence, a lot about the Internet has changed. So the SSF partnered with outside web design firm to survey the Sjögren’s community to find out exactly what our visitors wanted to see in a new site.

What you seel today is the end result. Explore all of the different sections of the site and you will learn so much about both Sjögren’s syndrome as well as the Foundation.

And continue to check back for more updates. In the near future we are excited to launch an all new online store, as well as our Member Community where members of the SSF can communicate with each other online. All of this and more will be arriving to in the next few weeks!