SSF reaches out to 1000s of rheumatologists across the country

Starting in February 2009, the Sjögren’s Syndrome Foundation began a nationwide mailing to reach every rheumatologist in the United States registered with the American College of Rheumatology (ACR).

As many Sjögren’s patients know too well, much of the medical community is vastly underinformed about the latest Sjögren’s news and treatments. That is why we have partnered with ACR to help raise awareness with rheumatologists in the United States.

Over 9,000 rheumatologists across the country will receive a letter informing them about the activities of the Foundation, noting our committment to research and advocacy. In addition, enclosed with the letter is a copy of the latest issue of the Sjögren’s Quarterly — our professional newsletter — as well as a copy of our What is Sjögren’s Syndrome? brochure. Both the Quarterly and all of our brochures are available free-of-charge to any healthcare professionals in the United States.

Since beginning the mailing, we have been inundated with replies from doctors asking ot receive more materials and be subscribed to the Sjögren’s Quarterly

So at your next doctor's visit, ask your rheumatologist if they have received this letter from the SSF. And if not, make sure they contact the Foundation office to receive their complimentary educational materials and sign up for our professional newsletter.