2016 SSF Conference Audio CDs Available!

Did you miss our 2016 National Patient Conference?  

The most popular talks from the 2016 SSF Conference are available for purchase as audio CDs. Each talk is 30-40 minutes long and comes with the handouts used by the presenter so you can follow along with the talk.

Presentation topics include:

  •   • Sjögren's Overview 
  •   • Oral Manifestations of Sjögren's 
  •   • Dry Skin and Dermatological Issues 
  •   • An Inside Look at Sjögren's & Gluten-Free Diets 
  •   • Ocular Manifestations of Sjögren's 
  •   • Sjögren's - Where Are We in Drug Development?
  •   • Gynecological Issues with Sjögren's 
  •   • Examining Sjögren's - Case by Case 
  •   • Fatigue and Sjögren's  

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Non-Member Price: $30 
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