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Exploring Sjögren’s is our new YouTube video series that explores Sjögren’s and the daily lives of our patients. We have created six episodes for season 1 that discuss Sjögren’s as a disease and the work being done to help conquer the complexities of Sjögren’s.

The first episode premiered on April 30th, with a new episode airing each following Monday. In addition, two of the episodes specifically focus on living with Sjögren’s and how our patients cope. To watch the first episode, click here visit our Exploring Sjögren’s YouTube page.

Special thanks Brad Lemack from Lemack & Company, our Executive Producer, and all the physicians, researchers and patients who took part in season 1 of this important project! Click here to view our first episode.

Episode 1: What is Sjogren's?

Episode 2: The Impact of Sjögren’s

Episode 3: Pregnancy and Sjögren’s

Episode 4: Sjögren’s Research

Episode 5: Tips for Living with Sjögren’s

Episode 6: Clinical Trials & Sjögren’s

Thank you for watching season 1 of our new YouTube series!