Team Sjögren’s Raises Over $70,000

Congratulations to our 2011 Team Sjögren’s members who completed the Nashville Country Music Marathon and Half Marathon on April 30th.

Team Sjogren's 2011

This year’s team was our biggest ever with 24 runners raising over $70,000 for the fight against Sjögren’s. The team included daughters, husbands, sons and friends of Sjögren’s patients as well as a few patients themselves. They were victorious as they crossed the finish line after months of training. The team spanned in age from 18 to 67 and represented all parts of the country!

2011 Team Sjögren’s
 Penny Anderson
 Juliann Bannon
 Rob Bannon
 Kirk Beckendorf
 Gia Casale
 Mabel Chan
 Jane Clow
 Julie Conquest
 Nancy DeFurio
 Ken Economou
 Anne Economou
 Kalla Ford
 Lauren France
 Dan Fuoco
 Donna Gotshall
 Kim Gross
 Susan Hines
 Stacey Mize
 Anne Marie Pelletier
 Eric Pratt
 Steven Taylor
 Cathy Taylor
 Hannah Yu
 Jay Do Yu

Many of our members signed up to be a part of Team Sjögren’s as a way to give back and help fight this serious, chronic disease. Their journey leading up to the race was inspiring, challenging and rewarding, all at the same time. Seeing all of our runners make it across the finish line, and knowing everything they had been through in their training, it really was an amazing day!

This year’s team had 10 runners in the full marathon (26.2 miles), including our very own CEO, Steven Taylor, and 14 others in the half marathon (13.1 miles). All 24 runners finished the event and the SSF is so proud to have had them represent us at this year’s Nashville Country Music Marathon.

As difficult as the training and the race were, each runner knows the real challenge is living with Sjögren’s. That is what motivated each Team Sjögren’s member to step up to train while raising a minimum of $2,600 for the SSF. All of our runners had a different story to tell, from being patients themselves or having a loved one with Sjögren’s. In the days before the race as they gathered in Nashville, Team Sjögren’s members enjoyed sharing their tales of the many training miles. And during the race they all were proud to answer the question they received from so many other runners: “What is Team Sjögren’s?” Most inspiring was knowing how debilitating this disease can be and yet seeing 10 patients themselves out there running among the competitors.

So when the sun set in Nashville on April 30th, there were 24 Team Sjögren’s runners proud of accomplishing what they set out to do – officially being able to call themselves “marathoners” and, most importantly, having run and crossed the finish line as they represented Sjögren’s patients worldwide!