Hope Springs Village

An estimated 100 million Americans live in chronic pain – often feeling isolated, powerless and looking for support.

A new online community, Hope Springs Village,
 launched by the JSA Chronic Disease Foundation seeks to relieve those feelings and offer encouragement and a sense of belonging to people in pain and those who care for them.


Congratulations to former SSF Research Grant Recipient & Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation Scientist Dr. Umesh S. Deshmukh, on being awarded a 5-year, $2.14 million grant from the National Institute of Dental & Craniofacial Research to study Sjögren's! 

In 2008 Dr. Deshmukh was awarded the SSF Innovative Concept Grant Winner, a 2-year research grant, when he was at the University of Virginia. The SSF research program is designed to reward exceptional research efforts & encourage investigators to continue their focus on Sjögren’s throughout their career. SSF grants are funded by your generous contributions to the Foundation and, once again, this shows that your donations are having a direct impact on research and helping us to create a future filled with hope for all patients and their families! 

Learn more about Dr. Deshmukh's work by clicking here & in the February issue of "The Moisture Seekers," SSF's patient newsletter for members.


The Sjögren’s Syndrome Foundation (SSF) was instrumental in the development of a Continuing Medical Education course on dry eye and Sjögren’s that is now available. The initiative was led by Gary Foulks, MD, University of Louisville, Department of Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences, Louisville, Kentucky. Dr. Foulks is a former Chair of the SSF Board of Directors and current member of the SSF Medical and Scientific Advisory Board. Additional authors are listed below.

Dr._Gary_FoulksThe course is designed to improve diagnosis and, ultimately, outcomes for Sjögren’s patients by raising awareness on the part of ocular professionals that their dry eye patients could have Sjögren’s and need to be identified. Coverage includes sections on Dry Eye Disease Taxonomy, Sjögren’s Disease: The Disease State, Diagnosis (including an Algorithm for Diagnosis), Management of Sjögren’s, and information on the SSF as a major resource for healthcare professionals and patients.

Improving Diagnosis and Outcomes of Sjögren’s Disease Through Targeting Dry Eye Patients was jointly sponsored by Candeo Clinical/Science Communications, LLC and the University of Florida College of Medicine. The publication was administered by an independent editorial board, supported by an unrestricted educational grant from Bausch and Lomb/Nicox Inc., and published in a special issue of The Ocular Surface.

Click here for a complimentary link. Reference:
Foulks GN, Bunya VY, Hammit KM, Nichols KK, Pflugfelder SC, Vivino FB. Improving Diagnosis and Outcomes of Sjögren's Disease through Targeting Dry Eye Patients: A Continuing Medical Education Enduring Material. Ocul Surf. 2015 Oct;13(4S):S1-S33.


The SSF has recently added two new books to the Foundation's Book Store!

Grain Brain: The Surprising Truth about Wheat, Carbs, and Sugar -- Your Brain's Silent Killers 

by David Perlmutter, MD (author) and Kristin Loberg (contributor)

Grain-BrainRenowned neurologist David Perlmutter, MD, blows the lid off a topic that's been buried in medical literature for far too long: carbs are destroying your brain. And not just unhealthy carbs, but even healthy ones like whole grains can cause dementia, ADHD, anxiety, chronic headaches, depression, and much more.

Dr. Perlmutter's
 revolutionary 4-week plan, GRAIN BRAIN teaches us how we can reprogram our genetic destiny for the better.

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How to Live Well with Chronic Pain and Illness -- A Mindful Guide  

by Toni Bernhard

Chronic illness creates many challenges, from career crises and relationship issues to struggles with self-blame, personal identity, and isolation. Toni Bernhard addresses these challenges and many more, using practical examples to illustrate how mindfulness, equanimity, and compassion can help readers make peace with a life turned upside down. 

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Are you a Man living with Sjögren's?

You are not alone!

Please contact the Sjögren’s Syndrome Foundation (SSF) at 1-800-475-6473 or send an email to tms@sjogrens.org to sign-up to receive specialized mailings, focus group information and notices about teleconference support group calls for “Men with Sjögren’s.”

We know you will find the SSF’s Men with Sjögren’s support group a great resource for interacting and exchanging helpful coping techniques with other men who live with Sjögren’s - just like you! 

Sign up today!