The SSF is proud to be a part of coalitions, including the Health Choices Coalition, to represent our members. Together, we are working to restore over-the-counter (OTC) medicines to full tax-preferred status, which is an important piece of legislation to the SSF because Sjögren’s patients largely depend on these medications and products to treat and manage their disease.

We encourage you to help support our collective efforts and tell congress to support the “Restoring Access to Medication Act” (H.R. 1270/S. 709). 

Click here to contact your federal legislators and tell them to support the "Restoring Access to Medication Act of 2015" (S. 709 / H.R. 1270)

Learn more about the SSF advocacy history in supporting the "Restoring Access to Medicaiton Act."


50 in 5: Changing the face of Sjögren's!     


Follow us on our journey of changing the face of Sjögren's with the
SSF 5- Year Breakthrough Goal

 "To shorten the time to diagnose Sjögren's by 50% in 5 years!"

April is Sjögren’s Awareness Month!

Learn how you can help increase Sjögren's awareness this April by going BOLD BLUE by clicking here!

Steven Taylor, SSF CEO  “I am honored to have been elected to serve once again on the Board of Directors for the National Health Council where I represent the 4 million Americans suffering from Sjögren’s and ensure that their voice is heard!”
 -Steven Taylor, SSF CEO

National Health Council Announces New Officers and Board Members


New Sjögren's Merchandise: Awareness Wristbands




  By purchasing these awareness wristbands, you are helping us achieve our 5-Year Breakthrough Goal: 
"To shorten the time to diagnose Sjögren's by 50% in 5 years!"

 Wording: Conquering Sjögren's  - 

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