Dr. Christopher Lessard


2021 NPC Video Download: Genetics & Sjögren’s Research by Christopher Lessard, PhD 

Christopher Lessard, PhD, is an Associate Member of the Genes & Human Disease Research Program at the Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation in Oklahoma City, OK. Dr. Lessard is a former Sjögren’s Foundation research grant recipient and he and his team recently were awarded a 5-year, $3.7 million-dollar grant from NIH to continue his ongoing efforts to understand how genetic variations lead to Sjögren’s disease.  

Dr. Lessard will share an overview of this exciting research with us! 

The video is taken directly from a talk given at our 2021 Virtual National Patient Conference. 

Each talk is 20-30 minutes long and includes the follow-up Q&A session. Each talk also comes with the handouts and visual aids used by the presenter. These valuable resources will help you capture the conference experience. 

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