Dr bunya


Dr. Vatinee Bunya is the Co-Director of the Penn Dry Eye & Ocular Surface Center. She cares for patients with dry eye, Sjögren’s, and other disorders that affect the ocular surface. Dr. Bunya has extensive experience in the study of dry eye and diseases that affect the ocular surface and eyelids. She also has a special interest in the study of Sjögren’s. Dr. Bunya has been the principal investigator for several dry eye clinical trials and receives funding from the National Eye Institute. She currently is working to develop better ways to measure dry eye and to screen patients for Sjögren’s.

Approximately 95% of Sjögren’s patients experience dry eye. Dr. Bunya will share how Sjögren’s impacts eyes and what you need to know about caring for your dry eyes. Understand the tests that your doctor needs to perform and the available treatments to help keep your eyes as healthy as possible. She will also share what is on the horizon for dry eye therapy.

The video is taken directly from a talk given at our 2022 Virtual National Patient Conference.

Each video is approximately 50 minutes long which includes the presentation and a follow-up Q&A session. Each talk also comes with the slides used by the presenter.

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