Dr Wu


Dr. Ava Wu is an oral medicine specialist in San Francisco, CA. She cares for patients experiencing the oral component of Sjögren’s, in which the body’s immune system mistakenly attacks its own moisture-producing glands, causing a dry mouth among other possible symptoms. In her research, Wu studies how Sjögren’s develops and ways to treat the complications of dry mouth. She is a current member of the Foundation’s Board of Directors and is author of a chapter in the fifth edition of The Sjögren’s Book.

Approximately 93% of Sjögren’s patients have dry mouth and it’s important to understand the daily care needed to minimize the impact to your oral health. Dr. Wu will share the range of issues that can be caused by dry mouth, offer recommendations for successful management, and share tips on how to work with your dentist for best long-term management. She will also share what’s new on the horizon for dry mouth and oral care.

The video is taken directly from a talk given at our 2022 Virtual National Patient Conference.

Each video is approximately 50 minutes long which includes the presentation and a follow-up Q&A session. Each talk also comes with the slides used by the presenter.

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