The Sjögren's Book


by Daniel J. Wallace, MD

Published in conjunction with the Sjögren’s Syndrome Foundation, this edition of the Sjögren’s Syndrome Handbook has been completely revised and expanded with ALL NEW articles and the latest information on Sjögren’s.

This hard cover book is written by the foremost medical professionals in the field of Sjögren’s. The language is at college level and while the book is medically detailed it is still easy for the lay person to understand. Written with patients and care givers in mind, many patients have found this book to be an excellent gift for their doctors!

This book contains 35 chapters with new topics covered such as genetics, the nervous system (central, peripheral and autonomic), vasculitis, gynecology and pregnancy, the GI tract, lymphoma, musculoskeletal pain, Vitamin D, and an in-depth look at subjects related to living with Sjögren's and enhancing quality of life.

The book has over 66 contributors, all of which are some of the greatest minds working on Sjögren’s today. 

This book is a must for every patient, healthcare professional and library!

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