Selected talks from our National Patient Conferences are available as Audio CDs. Each CD comes with the accompanying PowerPoint presentation to follow along with as you listen.
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Audio CDs

Vaginal Issues & Sjögren’s by Colin MacNeill, MD - 2015

Colin MacNeill, MD, shares his wealth of knowledge of gynecological issues including symptoms, diagnosis and treatment of vaginal discomfort and dryness concerns.

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Special Panel Discussion & Overview: Systemic, Ocular & Oral Manifestations of Sjögren’s - 2015

Special Panel Discussion & Overview: Systemic, Ocular and Oral Manifestations of Sjögren’s (2 hour CD) by Frederick Vivino, MD, MS, Stephen Cohen, OD, and Vidya Sankar, DMD, MHS. These three world-renowned experts, share an overview of Sjögren’s, its manifestations and treatment options.

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