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World Sjögren's Day

World Sjögren's Day is meant to put a face on the millions of people who live with this disease or suffer from symptoms and have yet to be diagnosed. It gives everyone touched by Sjögren's a vehicle to reach out and educate those close to them - family, friends, co-workers, neighbors, etc. - about the disease. It is the ideal opportunity for you to have your voice heard and to spread awareness about this life-altering disease.

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COVID-19 Vaccine and Sjögren's Webinar featuring Cassandra Calabrese, DO

The Sjögren’s Foundation understands that many patients have questions about the safety and effectiveness of the COVID-19 vaccine.

With this in mind, the Foundation recently hosted a free member Town Hall webinar featuring Cassandra Calabrese, DO, and member of the Foundation’s COVID-19 Vaccination Committee. This recording includes current information related to COVID-19 and vaccinations as well as a Question & Answer portion in which Dr. Calabrese answers patient-submitted questions.

Click Here to Watch Webinar

Exploring Sjögren's - Season 2

Exploring Sjögren’s is the Foundation’s YouTube video series that gives and in-depth look into the disease and the daily lives of our patients. Season one features six episodes that discuss Sjögren’s and the work being done to help conquer the complexities of Sjögren’s. 

Exploring Sjögren’s season two dives further into the disease with episodes on: fatigue, disability and pediatric Sjögren’s.  

Exploring Sjögren's - Season One

Exploring Sjögren’s is our YouTube video series that explores Sjögren’s and the daily lives of our patients.  Season One has six episodes that discuss Sjögren’s and the work being done to help conquer the complexities of Sjögren’s. 

Special thanks Brad Lemack from Lemack & Company, our Executive Producer, and all the physicians, researchers and patients who took part in Season One of this important project.

Sjögren's: A Place To Begin

This program will introduce you to three Sjögren’s patients who will share their journey with you. In addition, you will hear from Sjögren’s experts about the causes, treatments and manifestations of Sjögren’s. From there, we hope you will have a place to begin as you develop a partnership and treatment plan with your physician