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The 2022 Fall Focus Conference has passed. Stay tuned for information on purchasing conference presentations!

Wellness Strategies to Help Manage Sjögren’s Symptoms
October 15, 2022 

At the Sjögren’s Foundation, we know that living with Sjögren’s is challenging and complex. You may have heard that our choices regarding diet, inactivity, and stress levels, may be linked to inflammation throughout our bodies. However, with the pressures of daily life it can be difficult to make our lifestyle choices a priority. Even with the best intentions, researching and understanding these natural wellness strategies is time consuming and confusing. This virtual one-day conference is designed to bring you the science behind everyday lifestyle choices and the impact they may have on our mind and body.

Presentations will be delivered by experienced professionals who have devoted their professional lives to understanding their areas of expertise. These experts will dive into the science of how stress, food, sleep, and exercise impact your body and wellbeing. They will also share practical tips to help you incorporate these natural wellness strategies into your daily life and at very little expense. Join us this fall and learn more about complimenting your current Sjögren’s management plan with daily lifestyle choices targeted at decreasing inflammation and increasing wellbeing!

At this year’s Fall conference you will hear from experts on these key wellness topics:

  • Physical Impact of Stress & Relationship to Sjögren’s Symptoms
  • The Effect of Sleep Disturbance on Pain and Mental Health
  • Nutrition Planning for Autoimmune Health
  • How Exercise Can Reduce Fatigue and Ease Inflammation

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