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Everyday research is being conducted to unveil new medications, therapies and diagnostic tools for Sjögren’s.  By participating in a clinical trial, you will be helping to potentially uncover breakthroughs that will help Sjögren’s patients worldwide.

Clinical trials are designed to add to medical knowledge and most importantly, the results of these trials can make a difference in the care and treatment of Sjögren’s patients.  A clinical trial is important because it contributes to the advancement of science. It provides the participants an opportunity to receive potential benefit from a drug, medical device or procedure or even a lifestyle change such as diet or exercise. The Sjögren’s Foundation is fully committed to the development of new therapeutics that will treat the entire disease, not just one symptom.

The following links will provide you with additional knowledge about clinical trials, what's involved and what to expect:

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Clinical Trial Locations

Clinical trials in Sjögren’s are starting to actively recruit patients.  Sites open all the time and we hope you will review the list to find a site near you.  If you do not see your area listed, we encourage you to sign up to receive future notifications if a site starts recruiting in your area.

Clinical Trial Locations