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Since the establishment of the first Support Group, started by Elaine K. Harris in 1983, we have grown to sponsor over 80 groups throughout the United States and Canada.

These groups, run by volunteers, provide Sjögren's syndrome patients and family members an opportunity to share their advice and tips for living more comfortably with Sjögren's.

Much can be learned at a support group meeting, whether it is patient-to-patient sharing or listening to an informative presentation by a healthcare professional or other expert. We encourage you – if you are suffering from the symptoms of Sjögren's syndrome or diagnosed with Sjögren's – to attend a support group meeting in your area.

>> See our listing for United States/Canada Support Groups and Online Groups

>> See our listing for International Sjögren's Syndrome Groups if you are from outside the United States.

Telephone Contacts

The Foundation has established nearly 200 local volunteers throughout the United States and Canada who can provide one-on-one support and information by telephone. These contact persons are Foundation members and patients who are knowledgeable about Sjögren's. They will provide information, especially about day-to-day living, coping strategies, education and support, all by telephone.

If you are interested in getting in touch with a contact volunteer, please call the Sjögren's Syndrome Foundation at 1-800-475-6473.


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