Clinical Practice Guideline Resource Sheets: 

View the SSF's Rheumatology Clinical Practice Guidelines for Sjögren’s

View the SSF's Clinical Practice Guidelines for Oral Management in Sjögren’s

View the SSF's Clinical Practice Guidelines for Ocular Management in Sjögren’s

 Clinical Practice Guidelines

The Sjögren’s Syndrome Foundation recently launched an initiative to develop Clinical Practice Guidelines in Sjögren’s. Under the leadership of Frederick Vivino, MD, FACR, Chief of Rheumatology, Presbyterian Medical Center, University of Pennsylvania, this project aims to:

  1. Improve the quality of care for Sjögren’s patients by developing Clinical Practice Guidelines for assessment and management of the systemic manifestations, dry eye and dry mouth that occur in Sjögren’s.
  2. Create a document delineating Clinical Practice Guidelines in Sjögren’s for U.S. clinicians.
  3. Obtain broad acceptance of the guidelines by key professional and government organizations.

Three Working Groups have been created to develop Recommendations in their respective fields:
    Rheumatology - Chaired by Steven E. Carsons, MD and Ann Parke, MD
    Oral - Chaired by Troy Daniels, DDS and Michael Brennan, DMD
    Ocular - Chaired by Gary Foulks, MD and Lance Forstot, MD